Статья 'Особенности личностной организации времени жизненного пути пенсионеров имеющих в анамнезе сердечно-сосудистые заболевания.' - журнал 'Психология и Психотехника' - NotaBene.ru
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Psychology and Psychotechnics

Peculiarities of the Personal Organization of Time in the Life Path of Retired People with the Cardiovascular Diseases in Past Medical History

Berezina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Doctor of Psychology

professor of the Department of Scientific Basis of Extreme Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

123290, Russia, g. Moscow, nab. Shelepikhinskaya, 2a, aud. 508

Другие публикации этого автора

Chumakova Elizaveta Anatol'evna

geriatrist at City Out-Patient Hospital No. 9 of the Moscow City Health Department

109451, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, bul. Perervinskii, 4, of. 2

Другие публикации этого автора

Balan Irina Sergeevna

PhD in Biology

researcher at University of Maryland

MD 20742, SShA, g. Merilend, ul. Colleg Park, 1




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Abstract: The methodology of the presented research reflects the complexity and interdisciplinarity of the stated problems and is deductive in nature. It is based on the analysis of the content of the concepts “personality” and “linguistic personality” as being more general in relation to the phenomenon of the secondary linguistic personality. The method of abstraction allows you to select from the general picture of the views and ideas about the structure and content of the personality, linguistic personality and secondary linguistic personality those of its components that can serve as specific objects and vectors of linguopedagogical activity. The novelty of the article is caused by the fact that attracting quite a lot in modern humanities phenomenon has been studied both in the psycholinguistic and linguodidactic context, while the former creates a substantive and methodological basis for the latter. It also seems to be a new approach, in which three related, but rarely found together, concepts are exposed to structural-content analysis and identification of connections: personality, language personality and secondary language personality.

Keywords: retirement age, psychological risks of diseases, cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, addictions, professional types, hobbies, health, personal organization of time, Personality
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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