Статья 'Государственная политика в сфере спорта как инструмент обеспечения культурной безопасности: международная составляющая' - журнал 'Мировая политика' - NotaBene.ru
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World Politics

National sports policy as an instrument of cultural safety provision: the international component

Maleev Arian

Post-graduate student, the department of Sociology of International Relations, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory 1, office #33

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Abstract: The research object is the policy of Russia’s cultural safety provision. The research subject is the role of the sports sphere in the provision of the country’s cultural safety. Special emphasis is put on the international component of the issue. Soft power is gaining more and more importance in the modern international arena; it consists in the country’s ability to influence international affairs without using military power or threat of it. One of the key components of soft power is cultural influence, and the international prestige in the sports sphere is one of its elements. Cultural influence, in its turn, is an essential component of the national cultural safety provision. In this paper, the author analyzes Russia’s cooperation with other countries during the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The author analyzes the doping scandals, associated with these sports events, the work of Media during these sports events, and their political aspects. The author compares the activities of Russia and Brazil, aimed at their international image promotion during the Summer Olympic games. The theoretical base of the work includes the studies of J. Nye, A. Wendt, S. Huntington, V.V. Kochetkov, and A.V. Torkunov. The author applies the methods of sources analysis, comparative analysis, introspection, and content-analysis of the relevant documents. The author concludes that significant expenditures for the country’s sports prestige maintenance are very important for Russia’s cultural influence. The author is the first Russian scholar who considers the aspects of international cooperation in the sports sphere. The author analyzes the current and the latest developments in this sphere. 

Keywords: national safety, sport, international cooperation, cultural aspects, cultural safety, international influence, national prestige, Soft power, International image, Olympic games
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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